Mason Consulting

Services to Printers

Unlike some consultants, Mason Consulting does not do printing plant audits or advise printers or trade shops regarding equipment purchases. Our consulting practice focuses on broad marketing issues and the development of strategies for developing and expanding markets. Because Mason Consulting is intimately familiar with the operation of printing plants, we are able to assist printers in defining their markets in any number of ways. Geographic market development is done using detailed analytic techniques which have evolved over many years. Vertical market development is also possible using similar techniques.

Most printers today need to move from the model of responding to specifications toward establishing partnerships with customers who need a broad variety of services. Mason Consulting, with ongoing exposure to industry trends and the latest techniques, is able to assist in changing the basic model of printers who wish to change their businesses.

A small firm, Mason Consulting concentrates on a limited number of clients and their problems at any time. Clients whose interests or product lines compete with those of existing clients are not sought. Client assignments are accepted on a project basis or according to the time necessary to complete the task.

The principal of Mason Consulting is Dennis E. Mason, an executive with extensive experience in industry. His experience spans the entire graphic arts market and includes both technologically sophisticated and conventional products. Before founding his consulting practice, Mason was Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Vice President of Operations, for DS America, now known as Screen USA. He also worked for many years at Rockwell Graphic Systems, a major supplier of web and sheetfed presses and bindery equipment. Mason is a graduate electrical engineer with a masters degree in business administration. He is a prolific writer and frequent speaker and commentator on graphic arts industry technologies and events.

To discuss how Mason Consulting could assist in your graphic arts marketing, contact us.